VIA has two machines for washing and degreasing small parts. Small parts washing, thanks to the application of a special vacuum suction technique, ensures complete degreasing of small parts and drying of capillary spaces. The use of the state-of-the-art distillation techniques guarantees consistent quality. After the processing of parts, they can be welded, sealed and glued easily and without producing any waste. Degreasing of metals, in its industrial form, is an efficient way of entrusting outside specialists with the process. It is a solution often used by companies trying to optimise costs which ensures the highest process quality. Entrusting the processes outside removes the need for a company to buy expensive machines such as industrial degreasers or washers.

  • degreasing using PERC or a water-based solvent
  • 6 tonnes/hour
  • automotive and aerospace industries
  • surface tension over 44 mN/m2
  • optional rustproof coating
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