Technical cleanliness is a concept that is worth paying attention to, particularly for those who operate in the automotive industry and in accordance with VDA 19 and ISO 16232.

In March 2020, VIA will install Poland’s first cleaning machine compliant with technical cleanliness for series production in the services sector. The production hall and technical facilities for this machine have recently been commissioned. At the beginning of the year, two VIS employees will be seconded for a few weeks to our headquarters in Lennestadt, Germany, where they will undergo detailed training in cleaning in accordance with technical cleanliness, interpreting standards, and testing methods under the supervision of the world’s best specialists in the field. The first customers who will use our precision cleaning services (German “Feinreinigen”) include Czechs and Germans. It should be stressed that technical cleanliness is becoming increasingly popular, especially when it comes to the concept of cleanliness automotive. The projects will commence in April/May 2020. Each project requires technical cleanliness (German “Sauberkeitsanforederung“) in accordance with VDA 19 and ISO 16232.

We cooperate with the automotive, aviation, medical, and optical industries.

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technical cleanliness